January 03, 2014

The Old Mixer

The Old Mixer, 10x8 oil

Painting #3, The Old Mixer.  One year, way back when my husband was my boyfriend, he gave me a very useful kitchen tool, I believe it was an egg poaching pan, (or something as practical as that).  I was not impressed in the slightest.  Although, I said thank you, he soon found out that it was not a gift that would impress me.  We have been married now for more than just a few years, and never has he ever given me such a gift again ... until now. This Christmas I was handed a large box, wrapped in mismatched wrapping paper.  After peeling the paper off, the box showed that it contained a humidifier.  I knew he could not possibly be giving me a humidifier, he knows better.  Then I opened the top of the box and inside were all sorts of kitchen implements!  This time I was impressed!  All the items in the box were antique, and never will they ever be used for anything as practical as cooking.  All are well worn with definite signs of age, rusted and barely useable except for, of course, subjects in paintings!  He definitely knows how to please a girl, well at least me!