April 24, 2014

Nothing in the Pantry - Sold

Nothing in the Pantry, 12x18 oil
How unlikely would it be to find a chipmunk in the cupboard?  I've always thought chipmunks were fairly timid little creatures, but the last time I went for a hike they were everywhere.  They were acting more like squirrels than chipmunks.  A few years ago we were renovating our house, (not done yet), and before our home was clad in siding, we had a few squirrels taking the opportunity to venture in and try to make a nest.  I have yet to see a chipmunk indoors, except for in my imagination.

April 08, 2014

The Valley in April

The Valley in April, 12x9 oil
Monday April 7 was a great day to get out painting.  Unfortunately the sun was only out for a brief period, but the temperature was perfect.  Still cold enough that only the bravest of insects have ventured out this early in the season.  The warmth from the weekend had melted most of the snow, (almost everywhere), except in the valleys where the sun only shines briefly before it disappears behind the surrounding hills.  This valley was in Ancaster.  The paths are still covered in thick sheets of ice, and the snow off the path is still covering the ground.  The stream is full from the melting snow, much more than the trickle that it will be mid summer.  In another week or two I'm sure even this valley will be embracing spring.  I was pleased to be able to get one more snow painting done this year, but am more than ready to move on to the greener side of things.