May 14, 2015

Macaroon Madness - Sold

Macaroon Madness, 12x12 oil
Recently I dropped by a fairly new bakery called Molly Cake, downtown Burlington.  I usually try to buy the more nutritious items when at a bakery, like blueberry oatcakes, or low fat muffins.  I was so attracted to the colours of these cookies that I really didn't notice anything else in the shop and purchased every single colour of these magnificent macaroons.  I did ask about the flavours, just to make sure that they weren't just all about the colour, but didn't even take note of what the flavours were, only that they were different flavours.  Yes, one colour is missing, it didn't quite make it home.    

May 04, 2015

Fresh as a Daisy - Sold

Fresh as a Daisy, 12x36 oil

Happy May!
Just for the record, the flower in this painting in not a daisy, but I think the title is fitting for this painting, (plus I just couldn't get that phrase out of my head}.
The cool spring days are gradually changing to be warmer and more summer-like.  Each morning I've started to search my closet for lighter clothing; as those bulky winter sweaters become more and more unappealing.  My garden is emerging with bright greens and yellows, and I find myself looking for excuses to be outside.