August 20, 2019

Peas, Pods and Carrots

Peas, Pods and Carrots, 6x24 oil

I'm loving the orange and green colour combinations these days.  We've had so much rain this summer, my garden has never been so lush, (and overgrown).   I didn't grow these peas and carrots though, I bought them at the market.  

In my vegetable garden this year I planted lettuce, green beans, peppers, jalapeƱos, basil, kale and zucchini.  Some of these have done better than others.  I discovered one of my dogs likes kale.  She ate two out of the four kale plants, so I dug up the other two and put them in a pot...on a table.  After a rough start the zucchini took off.  Once I started to harvest a few of the zucchini, my dog decided to check it out and started to eat the zucchini!  I had to watch her every time she went outside.  Unfortunately, one day my dog and I went to check on the zucchini and it was decimated, probably by the gopher that lives under the shed.  I think my husband was doing a happy dance in his head when I told him that the zucchini was gone.          

August 13, 2019

Summer Golden Beets

Summer Golden Beets, 12x12 oil

Love them or hate them?  I love to paint beets.  They have such quirky shapes and sizes.  When I'm done with them in my studio they are moved to the kitchen.  I have tried to cook them in various ways, but my most favourite way to eat them is in chocolate cake.    

August 09, 2019

Making Wishes

Making Wishes, 5x7 oil

In early July I bought a bunch of peas in pods from the local market.  I was sitting on the back porch, (my favourite place to be in the summer), making my way through the bag of peas, separating the peas from the pods.   The sun was still bright in the sky even though dinner time was quickly approaching.  I noticed how the pods resembled the wish bone from a turkey if placed just so.  Needless to say, dinner was a bit late.  Although I didn't finish the painting that evening, I had a good start.

June 17, 2019


Asparagus, 12x18 oil

Asparagus, in season now!  

It doesn't matter where you live anymore, whether something is in season or not, most items are grown somewhere in the world and available at your local grocery store all year long.  I love when something is grown locally and in season, not only for the cost savings but for the freshness and taste, not to mention the smaller carbon footprint.  It makes me wonder what would actually be available at the grocery store in the dead of winter if we just relied on our local farms.  

June 05, 2019

Just Garlic

Just Garlic, 24x12 oil

I love garlic!  I cook with it all the time. and is an essential when I make guacamole.  I was inspired to paint the beautiful colours of these garlic heads but I had to paint them quickly, before they were needed in the kitchen.

May 09, 2019


Breezeless, 12x12 oil

These hummingbirds are having a hard time finding a breeze today, or do they think it's a large flower, hmmm.

May 07, 2019

Still Brewing

Still Brewing, 18x12 oil

Every year I feel like I'm holding my breath until the weather changes from cold winter days to warm spring showers.  When the grass becomes a deep rich green and buds start to appear on the trees.   I'm pretty sure I saw a wren the other day, and a robin has made a nest on and behind the wreath on my front door, (we've started to use the side door now).  All these signs are so reassuring that the world is as it should be...but sadly we know that it's not.  I heard in the news about how fast so many species are going extinct.  Every where I turn I am hearing about the environment and the ever increasing natural disasters.  They say that if we act now we can stop these changes.  I really hope our governments are listening.

April 02, 2019

The Old Dustpan

The Old Dustpan, 12x16 oil

I found this old dustpan while clearing out my mother's house.  It's a little worn out but still functional.  I love that it's not made of plastic.

March 22, 2019

The Weight of Peppers - Sold

The Weight of Peppers, 12x18 oil

Happy Spring!  It doesn't look much like spring on this dreary March day, but the birds are singing outside and I know there must be things happening in the garden because the dogs are now bringing dirt and muddy paws into the house.  I know it will snow again, maybe a few times before the unofficial beginning of spring/summer in mid May.  Until then I will be planning what I'd like to plant in my garden and try to keep my floors reasonably clean, (if that is even remotely possible).  

March 13, 2019

Catching No Mice Today - Sold

Catching No Mice Today, 12x16 oil

A cat in gloves catches no mice.  There's an upcoming show this spring at the Art Gallery of Burlington with the theme of myths and legends.  I chose this old myth mainly because I wanted an excuse to do a painting of one of my daughter's beautiful tabby cats.

January 25, 2019

The Chicken or the Egg

The Chicken or the Egg, oil, 24x36 inches

I love this old vinyl and chrome chair.  Certainly a remnant of another day and world.  The chicken however, is making a come back.  Some cities are even allowing people to have a few hens in their backyard.  I would love to have a few chickens, except that it would make planning a holiday a lot more work than it already is, especially since I have two dogs to care for as well.    

January 16, 2019

Mandarins - Sold

Mandarins, oil, 8x6 inches

Happy New Year!

This little painting was inspired by the mandarin's brightly coloured skin and leaves.  Colours like that can only be found in the grocery store at this time of year.