August 26, 2014

Grazers - Sold

Grazers 8x8 oil
A couple weeks back, on a beautiful summer day, I painted this painting (mostly 'en plein air').  It was the kind of day that if I had to go to an office I would have been late, taken an extra long lunch and left as early as possible.  I hopped into my car not knowing where or what I was going to paint.  As I was driving, I decided I needed a game plan, so I started with searching for sunflowers, imagining that that is what would inspire me on such a gorgeous day.  I found the sunflowers, only to find that there wasn't any way to get around them, with a 'NO TRESPASSING' sign at the only access point.  I drove around. seeking another sunflower farm.  On my way, I passed this field of cows.  The sun was getting lower in the sky, creating amazing intense colours, (my favourite time of day to paint outdoors!).  I stopped to take photos, knowing that they will probably move away soon...but they didn't.  I set up my easel and started painting as fast as I could.  Eventually, as the cows were grazing their way across the field they ended up way back at the other end of the pasture.  Not bad, I managed to get most of the painting done.  Back in my studio I added the black and white cow in the centre of the painting.  A few days later, painting barely dry, I inserted it into a frame and managed to get it into my current show at the Dundas Museum!  It sits nicely among my other paintings featuring cows. 

August 19, 2014

Urban Quagmire - Sold

Urban Quagmire 30x30 oil
This new painting, Urban Quagmire was completed a couple of weeks ago.  I usually paint much smaller paintings, but this one needed to be large.  The good thing about painting larger is that I can really get into the detail and play with it.  This was so much fun to paint!  I managed to get it done just in time to hang in my current show, (just hung yesterday). 

The show is called 'Ordinary Beauty'.  A three person show in the beautiful gallery at the Dundas Museum, (that's Dundas, Ontario).  We decided to have the reception on September 18, since a lot of people are away in August, including one of the artists in the show, but you can visit the gallery any time from today until October 18. 

August 12, 2014

The Sentry

The Sentry, 10x8 oil
This majestic row of trees was painted on July 7, at Courtcliffe Park in Hamilton, Ontario.  I know ... over a month ago ... just a little behind with my postings.  The funny thing about painting 'en plein air' is that I remember everything about the time I spend on every painting.  I remember why I chose a certain view, as opposed to one in a different location and what the particular circumstances were while I was painting, as well as the decisions that I made during the painting.  It's almost as if time stands still, all that matters at that moment is the painting.  Sometimes it can take 3 to 4 hours to complete, but feels like only an hour had passed, while other times it may only take an hour and I can't believe it's completed because it felt like 10 minutes.  Either way, I'm always surprised when I look at a clock afterwards. 
When I painted 'The Sentry' it was a warm day with a bit of a breeze.  The trees looked so impressive with the sun behind them, creating a strong silhouette.  I chose to stand under the shade of a large tree in the open part of the park. I wanted to be away from the forest where the stream runs through because the mosquitos were particularly bad that day, (I forgot to pack sunscreen and bug spray).