June 28, 2016

Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe, 12x12 oil
A dandelion and a wasp, inspired by my painting 'Bee's Breakfast'.  I was going to put the wasp into 'Bee's Breakfast', but then I would have had to come up with another title.  I like that it has it's own painting now.  I think dandelions and wasps are probably in the same category of being unappreciated.  

June 21, 2016

The First Day of Summer

The First Day of Summer, 16x8 oil

I love the changes and beauty that every season has to offer, but there is something about the long hot days of summer that I find irresistible. This was painted on Monday June 20, the longest and hottest (so far), day of the year!   Painted on location on Valley Inn Rd, near the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.   Happy Summer Solstice!

June 17, 2016

After a Day in (the Country) Burlington - Sold

After a Day in (the Country) Burlington, 24x24 oil

It's amazing how wildlife has adapted to the urban setting.  My dogs have been sprayed by skunks more times than I dare to say.  They have chased many rabbits out of the backyard and have had a few encounters with groundhogs and possums.  This painting started out as most paintings do, an idea.  The idea was then submitted to the upcoming show called  'Urban and Rural'.  I love combining images that don't always seem to belong together, as in this one, a skunk smelling a bouquet of flowers.  This painting is in the current show at the Art Gallery of Burlington which is on until September 5.

June 09, 2016

One Egg at a Time - Sold

One Egg at a Time, 16x16 oil

When I was planning this painting I was feeling overwhelmed with daily timelines and looming deadlines, realizing that it can all be dealt with 'one egg at a time', (making a list also helps).