October 12, 2016

Away - Sold

Away, 12x12 oil

Here is my final painting of this series.   The beautiful twist of this oak leaf reminds me of how dramatic and extreme nature can be.

Here they are all together:

Found Fading Away

October 11, 2016

Fading - Sold

Fading, 12x12 oil

Here we are gradually moving into the colder part of the year.  Some of the trees have started to change colour now.  In my house, this means the front hall gets filled with toe covering shoes and boots.  Sweaters and jackets fill the hooks and there are muddy dog paw prints leaving trails around the house.  Other than the dirty floors, I love this time of year!          

October 07, 2016

Found - Sold

Found, 12x12 oil

The other day, when I was out for a walk, I collected a few items to add to my Thanksgiving decor.  Of course, looking at the beauty of the fading leaves inspired me to do a series of paintings.  Here is the first.

October 05, 2016

Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season, 12x12 oil
Before the Pie, 12x12 oil

Thanksgiving is here already in Canada.  Before I cook up these little pie pumpkins, I thought I should paint them.

Here is an update of ongoing and upcoming shows this fall.  One show that is on now until October 29, 2016 called Flights of Fancy.   A fun show of all winged creatures: 

During the first weekend in November there is the yearly studio tour in Burlington.  It's always a good show with such a variety of art, something for everyone.  You can find info and the map at artinaction.ca/index.html .

Finally for the month of December my art will be on the walls of Good Earth Food and Wine Co., goodearthfoodandwine.com .

I am also represented by Art Etc. at Burlington Art Gallery, as well as The Art Gallery of Guelph.   

October 03, 2016

Erica at Home

Erica at Home, 18x24 oil

I've known Erica for many years.  She and my daughter have been friends since childhood.  When I stopped by her home I took tons of photos, trying to get a sense of who she is, now that she is all grown up.  It was no surprise to me though, how relaxed and at ease she became when I asked her to play piano, something she has done most of her life.