March 29, 2016

For the Love of Flowers - Sold

For the Love of Flowers, 8x8 oil

On March 18 I returned to Canada Blooms to spend the afternoon painting again.  I am happy to say the trip to the show wasn't nearly as eventful as it had been the first time.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to paint there again!  It took me ages to figure out what to paint, (there were so many wonderful choices), but I was drawn to this display.  I believe it won second place in it's category, but in my humble opinion, it deserved to be in first place.

March 28, 2016

Dancing Flowers - Sold

Dancing Flowers, 8x10 oil

Here is my painting from March 16, painted at the Canada Blooms Show in Toronto.  

The long story:
On March 16, (a cold and rainy day), I headed to Toronto to paint at Canada Blooms.  I had to stop and pick up a coffee on my way to the train station of course, making me miss the train I was hoping to catch.  It was still fine because I had planned to get to Toronto a bit early to check out some of the show before starting to paint.  Well, with my luck being the way it is, over the loud speaker there was an announcement that the train will be 10 minutes late, and then another announcement that it was cancelled.  When the next train finally came it got me to the show just in time to set up and start painting, at least I made it in time for that.  Upon arriving at the show there were all sorts of booths selling various items and services promising to 'enhance' your garden/home life in some way, so I wasn't disappointed that I had no time to look around, but when I entered the horticultural part of the show there was so much to explore and amazing displays all done with plants and flowers that I couldn't wait to explore.  There was a wonderful display of gerbera flowers with a very large gnome.  It would have been fun to paint the gnome, but the true attraction for me were the flowers.  I love gerberas!  So after I finished painting, I ended up staying at the show until late in the evening to check out some of the beautiful displays.  

March 02, 2016

It's been A Long Day - Sold

It's been A Long Day, 18x24 oil

I'm always looking around for things to paint.  Stopping in shops to perhaps find a piece that I can include in a painting.  Sometimes I'm lucky, but more often than not there is nothing that inspires me or the cost doesn't merit the purchase.  Who would have thought I should find something in my own house; there's an idea!  Over the years my family has acquired a few items from various relatives, (mainly my husband's parents).  You get so used to these things being around that you actually stop seeing them.  The piece that I used in this painting has been in my studio for the past few years, usually with a small plant or two on top.