November 28, 2014

Nightcap - Sold

Nightcap, 10x12 oil

I started this painting a couple weeks ago as one of the demonstrators at the Art Gallery of Burlington, (during the Christmas Guild Show).  Luckily it's dry now, just in time for my open studio this weekend.  We were hanging paintings yesterday, all over the house...I have to say, my house has never looked better!

It's interesting running my own studio show,  having to think of how to advertise and get the word out to those who may be interested.  It's quite a learning curve.  Have I done enough?  Only time will tell.  Hope to see you this weekend.  

November 26, 2014

Eating Like a Bird Series - Sold

Breakfast of Champions, 7x5 oil SOLD
A Light Lunch, 7x5 oil SOLD 
Dinner for One, 7x5 oil SOLD

If you watch birds for a bit of time, you can see so much character in them.  Have you ever heard the phrase, 'eating like a bird'?  Here is a little series of paintings that I created, with that phrase in mind.

November 24, 2014

Heading West

Heading West, 24x12 oil

I love the drive heading west along highway 8.  Rural Ontario; passing one small town after another, with big expanses of farmland in between, and century old houses.  This is the route I take every time I visit my parents, who live just outside of Goderich.  The highlight of the drive is stopping in downtown Stratford to grab a coffee and visiting a few of the shops and galleries.

This coming weekend I am hosting an Open Studio Show & Sale.  I have invited a few guest artists, and will have paintings all around the house and studio.  There will also be Christmas cards for sale and fresh home baked cookies to sample.

November 17, 2014

Balancing Act - Sold

Balancing Act, 12x16 acrylic

In the summer, the days seem to go on forever.  There is ample time for everything.  Why is it that when the sun sets earlier, you feel as if there is never enough time in a day?

This is the painting I meant to post last week, (time just got away from me somehow).  Yes, it is painted in acrylic.  I thought that if it was painted in acrylic, there would be no 'drying time' involved, as with oils.  I didn't take into account that I would have to get used to acrylics all over again.  The good thing is that I got to play with the paints and had a lot of fun.  I like the results..... but am happy to be back into my oils again this week.

November 07, 2014

At Rest

At Rest, 8x8 oil

This past Monday I had the pleasure of getting outside to paint 'en plein air'.  After all the preparation (and then more preparation), for the studio tour, it was almost a self indulgent day of painting.  When I saw this boat with the duck relaxing in the sun, I knew that this was what I had to paint.

The studio tour was a lot of fun, as usual.  I met so many people; some who come every year and do the tour , and some who are new to the area and just found out about it.  Having visited a few studio tours, I think that the Burlington tour is top notch!  There's a good variety of items and styles among the artists to visit.  Thank you to all who came out this year, and for supporting local artists.  

While I was painting the little boat by the water, not too far away, standing at the base of a tree, was a handful of photographers, with lenses longer than my arms.  I went to check out what the attraction was.  Way up in the tree an owl was sleeping.  I took the photo below with my phone.  Unfortunately his eyes were closed.  Can you see him?