September 30, 2016

The Kids - Sold

The Kids, 18x12 oil

A friend of mine really wanted a painting done of her family.  Time was running out for me to get paintings done in time for the 'Painted Faces' show.  To save time she asked if she could take photos of her kids and send them to me.   Although I prefer to take my own reference photos, because of time restraints I said sure.  I had her take a million photos at different angles and positions.  This way I was able to pick and choose poses and put them together in a composition that I liked.  I am pleased with the results and managed to get the painting done in time for the show.

If you want to catch the show, it's on until October 5, 2016: 

September 28, 2016

In the Studio - Sold

In the Studio, 16x20 oil

Most people that I know have a passion for something.  The lucky ones even get to make a career out of it.  This is a portrait of a friend of mine, Teresa Seaton.  There are many ways I could have described her in a portrait, but they all would have included her art somehow.  She is a stained glass artist.  This is not a painting of what she does for a living, it is of who she is, .

September 26, 2016

Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress, 12x36 oil

There is nothing more fun than the world of make believe.  Dressing up and pretending the  impossible.

September 22, 2016


Erica, 16x16 oil

I've been so busy painting that I haven't had time to take photos until today.  Erica is one of the paintings that will be in the upcoming portrait show starting tomorrow evening.   I've only just finished this painting today, so it's going to be tricky to get the wire on the back.  It'll probably stay wet for another day or two; the only downfall of oils.  

September 14, 2016

Daydreams and Butterflies

Daydreams and Butterflies, 12x18 oil
This is a painting of a wonderful little girl I met during one of my recent shows.  Somehow, even at such a young age,  she exudes personality.  

Yesterday I posted the invitation to my upcoming show.  Did you manage to spot the error?  I don't know how many people had seen it, or how many times I scoured it for mistakes before I posted it, and still the mistake went unnoticed.  So here it is again, can you spot any errors? I hope not because there was only one and it's not there anymore :)

September 13, 2016

Painted Faces

I'm excited about this upcoming show that Carol Sanders and I have been preparing for.  I love painting people.  I feel that if you take all the challenges of painting still life as well as painting en plein air, they will never equal the trials and triumphs of painting people.

Over the next week or so, as I put the final brush strokes on the almost finished paintings, I will try to remember to post them after I take photos.