October 29, 2013

Studio Tour 2013

I'm thrilled about the upcoming studio tour!  Paintings are ready!  I started hanging them today.  The rest of the artists will be setting up in my studio Friday afternoon.  It's going to be an exciting weekend.  You'll be able to pick up brochures at any of the studios during the tour.  Make sure you grab one; besides containing artist info and a map, it has a ballot so you have a chance to win $200 or $100 credit towards any of the artists on the tour, yay!
I am impressed with the quality of art in the tour!  Besides myself, my studio will have some beautiful fused glass pieces, a jeweller using precious metals, as well as a painter who does renderings of local cityscapes. 
Hope to see you this weekend!

October 23, 2013

Day at the Beach - Sold

Day at the Beach, 10x8 oil

Ooops! Three weeks into October and I'm posting my first painting for the month.  Time sure does fly.  It seems odd painting a beach scene in October, but I love painting this little guy.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some winter scenes with him as well.  I have been incredibly busy catching up with everything I had missed doing in September.  There are also a couple of unfinished paintings on the way.
Wow! with all the paintings I did last month, I am more than ready for the Burlington Studio Tour coming up.  All the canvases now have painted edges and wires on the backs, yay! I still have to put frames on some of the plein air panels though, (among other things still on my 'to do' list). 

October 01, 2013

September Paintings 2013

October 1, 2013.  It's nice to begin a new month, especially when I can look back at such a busy month as September.  Here is a collage of all my hard work! The paintings are almost in proper proportion to each other except for one 8x8 painting, (if it was 12x6 it would have been a perfect fit).

This month brings different challenges, like doing a radio spot for the Burlington Studio Tour, and choosing paintings to bring into the Burlington Art Centre Store (Art Etc).  This is a first for me, so I hope I choose well.  Of course I also have to get ready for the studio tour, which is held during the first weekend in November.  You can find info about the tour at www.artinaction.ca