August 19, 2014

Urban Quagmire - Sold

Urban Quagmire 30x30 oil
This new painting, Urban Quagmire was completed a couple of weeks ago.  I usually paint much smaller paintings, but this one needed to be large.  The good thing about painting larger is that I can really get into the detail and play with it.  This was so much fun to paint!  I managed to get it done just in time to hang in my current show, (just hung yesterday). 

The show is called 'Ordinary Beauty'.  A three person show in the beautiful gallery at the Dundas Museum, (that's Dundas, Ontario).  We decided to have the reception on September 18, since a lot of people are away in August, including one of the artists in the show, but you can visit the gallery any time from today until October 18.