August 26, 2014

Grazers - Sold

Grazers 8x8 oil
A couple weeks back, on a beautiful summer day, I painted this painting (mostly 'en plein air').  It was the kind of day that if I had to go to an office I would have been late, taken an extra long lunch and left as early as possible.  I hopped into my car not knowing where or what I was going to paint.  As I was driving, I decided I needed a game plan, so I started with searching for sunflowers, imagining that that is what would inspire me on such a gorgeous day.  I found the sunflowers, only to find that there wasn't any way to get around them, with a 'NO TRESPASSING' sign at the only access point.  I drove around. seeking another sunflower farm.  On my way, I passed this field of cows.  The sun was getting lower in the sky, creating amazing intense colours, (my favourite time of day to paint outdoors!).  I stopped to take photos, knowing that they will probably move away soon...but they didn't.  I set up my easel and started painting as fast as I could.  Eventually, as the cows were grazing their way across the field they ended up way back at the other end of the pasture.  Not bad, I managed to get most of the painting done.  Back in my studio I added the black and white cow in the centre of the painting.  A few days later, painting barely dry, I inserted it into a frame and managed to get it into my current show at the Dundas Museum!  It sits nicely among my other paintings featuring cows.