August 30, 2013

The End of the Road

The End of the Road, 10x8 oil

Yesterday, late afternoon I went out to paint.  It's a wonderful time to be painting outside.  Everything becomes richer in colour as the sun gets lower in the sky.  This is a pretty spot to paint, at the end of Spring Garden Road by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.  It's the home of all sorts of birds.  As I was painting, two blue herons landed on the path but quickly headed on, not even enough time to grab my camera unfortunately.  In the water to the left there was an assortment of waterfowl, ducks, geese and swans.  I did manage to get the seagull as it so kindly sat and posed for me. (Can you see it?)
I believe this is my last posting for August as I am gearing up for doing '30 Paintings in 30 Days' in September.  It's a wonderful challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  If you visit her blog you'll be able to see all the artists doing this challenge.  I'll be posting my paintings here as well as on her blog.