September 26, 2013

Making the Cut

Making the Cut, 8x8 oil

Day 26, down to the last five paintings! This challenge didn't feel like much of a challenge in the first two weeks.  Being forced to do what I love every day, not a problem, or so I thought. By the 17th or 18th day I was starting to think that I could really use at least a day away from my studio, not painting, (even plein air!) Well I guess you can figure out how I'm feeling now. 
On the positive side, this is an excellent challenge because it forces me to think about what I'm painting next (all the time), especially since I've been carrying something from the last painting into the next. I added that as a personal challenge to the painting a day challenge. In fact I find that the most fun part of the challenge!
This was a challenge by a California artist Leslie Saeta. I've been posting my paintings on her blog every day, as well as over 200 artists from around the world. I love seeing all the paintings and getting comments from people who are looking at my paintings, here and on facebook, thank you.
Four more to go!