November 18, 2013

Tangled Christmas - Sold

This past weekend was the big Christmas show at the Burlington Art Centre.  It was a huge display of all the work from the guilds.  I was volunteering all day Sunday, doing my painting demonstration and then helping out with sales in the Lee Chin Gallery.  The evening before I had to decide what to paint, and with Christmas on my mind, I started pulling out various items from our ever growing accumulation of decorations.  One of my favourite is a string of hand painted wooden bobbles.  It was in a tangled mess!  After spending half an hour trying to untangle them I hung them on a nail in the wall and continued going through the boxes looking for inspiration.  Pausing to make a tea, I glanced over at the mess of bobbles and saw my next painting!  The painting to the right (or above), a photo of the point at which I had to stop my demo.  I think I was quite productive considering I spent a good deal of my time chatting with people.  Below is the finished piece.  I wonder if I'll be able to get it untangled in time to decorate the house for Christmas, hmmm.

Tangled Christmas, oil 6x12