July 13, 2015

Kohlrabi - Sold

Kohlrabi, 6x12 oil

I started buying shares in a local farm, Manorun Organic Farm.  Each week I head over to the market to pick up my share.  I have never seen or tried this interesting looking vegetable, but couldn't wait to set up a still life and paint it.  Luckily the farm sends out emails to let you know what they'll be harvesting and even recipes for some of the more obscure items.  I love the way this vegetable looks.  I found that the flavour is fairly mild, sort of a cross between radishes and cabbage.  I ended up making vegetable fritters with grated kohlrabi and carrots, (a recipe I found on the internet).

If you're interested in checking out this farm, there will be a farm crawl coming up on Saturday, July 18, (farmcrawlhamilton.ca).