March 20, 2017

Unmaking - Sold

Unmaking, oil 36x30 

Currently I am working towards a show I'm having in May.  I think it'll be called 'Signs of Life'.  At least that's my theme that I always seem to be painting about.  It's about what we leave behind when we leave a room.  Those small things that most of us may be completely unaware of, or perhaps just don't care to think about.  The unmade bed, the orange peel left on the table, cup on the floor by the chair etc.  I chose the month of May because of Mother's Day.  As any mother would know,  these small things are what become the unmaking of a house, (or is it the making of a home, I'm not sure).  The show will be in May at the Fireside Lounge, Art Gallery of Burlington.  I'm hoping to have an opening reception, but I won't know the date until April sometime.  

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