May 31, 2013

Planning Ahead - Sold

Planning Ahead, 6x6 oil

The season of abundance has begun.  Every year I fill my garden with beans, tomatoes and lettuce.  This year I added broccoli and jalapeno peppers.  I love being able to go out to the garden and pick what I need.  My main competition is the rabbits.  We built a raised garden to keep them worked for a while.  The larger rabbits figured it out and one day I saw one sitting there in the middle of my garden.  Luckily our dogs love being outside, so my garden is protected by them a lot of the time.  We did have a cherry tree, but we were never able to get to the cherries before the birds did.  Luckily, we can buy freshly picked fruits and vegetables as well as baked and canned goods from local farmer's markets.