May 09, 2013

Upper Gamma Portrait Painters Show, Hamilton Art Crawl

This week I have been preparing for Friday May 10 Art Crawl in Hamilton.  This is the first show this group is putting on, so it's pretty exciting!  I've been digging up some of my older paintings from about four years ago. I'm surprised how many I have!  Of course they're not all worthy of being in the show, in fact some belong in a bonfire.
We decided to call ourselves the 'Upper Gamma Painters' because we're on the third floor (Upper) and the sign on the building is 'Vasco da Gamma...'.  My husband will be playing some music on and off during the evening as well.  You can see him pictured above with the guitar. 
The address of the show is:
175 James St N, Hamilton, Ontario, 3rd floor, (near Acclamation Bistro).
The show runs all evening, 7 - 11 pm.