February 13, 2014

A Cold Day

A Cold Day, 7x5 oil

On Monday this week I went out to paint at Hidden Valley Park, here in Burlington.  The temperature was -8 C.  I really didn't want to head outside to paint, but the sun was beckoning me and out I went.  I found myself trudging through knee deep snow, only to find the lace on my boot had caught on some twigs and instead of keeping out the snow I was scooping it up into my now gaping boot.  Well with my pant leg soaking wet I stood in the snow and painted as fast as I could before I became too cold.  I lasted an hour and a half, (not bad). 

Friday February 7 was the big art auction at the Burlington Art Centre.  What a fun and exciting evening!  I had never been to any kind of live auction before.  The experience was a little nerve racking since I really didn't know what kind of reaction my artwork would have.  There was an excellent show of people, with the gallery absolutely packed, (over 350 people).  To my relief, the auctioneer was wonderful; friendly and comical.  Happily my painting did sell, with a little competition between a couple of interested buyers, which made it even nicer.