February 26, 2014

Bottomless - Sold

Bottomless, 8x8 oil
I recently purchased a really nice set of cups and saucers. I had put them aside while I was working on a larger painting.  Even though that painting isn't quite done, (hopefully it will be by the end of today), I decided to paint this while it was in my head.  I have a lot of plans for these cups, (that sounds strange).  I can't believe that February is coming to a close soon.  This month has flown by.

Last weekend I went to The Artist Project in Toronto.  I have been visiting this annual show for the past few years.  It's an excellent show, and the quality of art is generally top notch.  The one thing I have learned from visiting amazing art shows is to trust myself and to keep moving forward!  When I come home I can't wait to paint!  As far as shows locally, I have been finding out about group shows, as my peers are sending out invitations regularly, but clearly I have not been invited to be part of.  This only makes me stronger and forces me to work harder to find my own way in this dog eat dog world of art where everyone is vying for attention.