May 19, 2014

Nesting - Sold

Nesting, 24x12 oil
Happy Victoria Day!  Finally, the long weekend in May has arrived!  In Canadian terms it is the beginning of summer!  It doesn't matter that the temperature is barely over ten degrees C., and many of us still haven't switched our winter tires for the summer ones.  This is THE weekend!  Winter coats and sweaters get packed away in preparation for the hot summer days.  The temperature doesn't matter, the long weekend has arrived, we are ready!  Mother nature has guaranteed us that our plants will survive until the fall,  (or more specifically there will be no more frost).  It's the weekend that a lot of Canadians travel north to cottage country in preparation for the hot summer days ahead. I remember heading up to a friend's cottage on this long weekend, (in my college days), and all of us were spread out along the lake in our bathing suits, hoping to rid ourselves of our pale pallor, trying to stay out of the biting wind and ignoring the fact that we were covered in goose bumps from the cold.  This is probably my favourite long weekend of the year!  It was the thought of these rituals that inspired me to paint 'Nesting'.  I love the ritual of 'spring cleaning'; getting rid of the old worn items, packing away the winter clothes, and opening the windows to let in the fresh crisp spring air.