July 22, 2014

Doing the Walk

Doing the Walk, 24x24 oil
I love visiting farmers markets and being able to get fresh picked fruits and vegetables.  The other day there was a local farm tour.  We were able to visit private farms and watch them at work and sample the produce.  One farm we visited was called ManoRun Organic Farm.  We were given a tour of the farm and an explanation of the goals for the farm etc.  I love that you can actually buy into the farm and get a share of what they have to offer.  Another farm was Lots'a Hostas and Jerry's Berries.  Of course I picked up a hosta, a staple in most gardens around here, so easy to care for and look great in any garden.  In the pouring rain we also managed to pick a few raspberries, yum!

'Doing the Walk' was inspired by my visit to The Royal Winter Fair last November.  I've always been captivated by farm life.  When I was a child my grandparents had a small farm outside of Toronto.  Being a city kid, it thrilled me to visit them.  Beside the chickens, cows and the vegetable garden was a pear orchard.  The ultimate playground for me was being able to climb the trees to get to the crunchy unripe fruit.  I still prefer my pears that way.