December 03, 2018

Baking Day - Sold

Baking Day, 12x12 oil

This year has been a crazy one for me, with so many highs and lows!  Anyone who has had the pain and pleasure of caring for an aging parent, and ultimately dealing with their passing will know the time, energy and emotional toll it takes.  The high of seeing my eldest daughter marry the man who complements her in every way has brought so much joy and happiness.  The cherry on top this year is that I have recently been elected into the Ontario Society of Artists.  What a roller coaster of a year!

I have finished all the shows that I will be doing for 2018.  I would like to thank everyone who came  out to see and\or purchase my work, you make my world turn.  Considering the few shows I have done this year, I have had amazing support by you!  Also, thank you to those who follow me on line, hopefully one day we will meet at one of my shows.    

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