January 07, 2014

A Moment Alone - Sold

A Moment Alone, 8x8 oil, (not complete)
Day 7 and painting #7.  Last fall I went to the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, in Toronto, with my friend, (the one in the painting).  This horse, also a friend of hers, was in a few competitions.  I am not a horse person.  I really know nothing about them.  Sitting there watching the competitions with the riders and these magnificent beasts is pleasure enough for me.  Sitting there with my good friend and getting a play by play of what was happening and why was like entering a whole new world.  What a pleasure! 
There are a few small things need to be done in this painting, but I will get to it another day...

Below is the completed painting:

A Moment Alone, 8x8 oil