January 29, 2014


Joy, 8x8 oil

The title of this painting describes my feelings about this being my 29th painting of the month!  I went to the garden store today instead of the grocery store to pick up my subject matter.  I've been avoiding going there because I thought that when I walk in, I will have an overwhelming sense to want winter to be over.  Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel that way at all.  Today was such a beautiful sunny winter day, cold yes, (but I was prepared for that), and I had a skip in my step knowing that I will have this weekend free!!!  To make the day even better, I bought this plant and a really nice pot and it was practically free.  Apparently I had collected a lot of points and today was my lucky day!  I even signed up for some Saturday classes on various garden related topics.  Tomorrow will be my last painting for the challenge, and then I will be free!  Well not really, but I will then have the freedom to take more than a day to finish a painting.