January 30, 2014


Sandcastles, 8x8 oil
Here is my final painting, #30!  This is a painting of my youngest daughter when she was about four years old. 

Looking through old photos of when my children were little made me wonder if I would be able to paint them, and do a half decent job, compared to painting from life.  Well I am pleased with the results!  It probably helps that I have done a lot of life drawing and people painting.  It would be hard to get a child to stay still for any length of time anyway, especially if it were on a beach!

I am happy to say the challenge is over.  I really have enjoyed this month; it got me back into a regular painting routine.  I am super happy with my paintings; a few need to be finished and some need to be photographed again, but they really look great!  Some of the paintings are sold and the rest will be hung in my studio.  Tomorrow I'll post a collage of all the paintings together.  There are a few larger canvases in my studio waiting for me to 'throw' some paint on them, and they won't be done in a day!!!