September 05, 2014

(Almost) Empty Egg Carton - Sold

(Almost) Empty Egg Carton, 8x8 oil
A little late posting painting #5 today, the internet had been down for quite a few hours.  I love painting every day items.  There are so many stories that they can tell.  It may be just a reminder of a moment in the day or time spent preparing something special.  An item that you see all the time, but have rarely ever looked at.  If you think about the egg carton, some one had to design the box to house the eggs, and keep them safe.  It doesn't always keep the eggs safe, but does a reasonably good job.  I wonder when the egg carton was first invented?  Years ago I did a painting of an egg carton that my eldest daughter (who was in preschool at the time), had painted to look like a caterpillar.  It was brightly coloured, had pipe cleaner antennae and Pink Fruit Loop eyes.  It was the first time a child of mine had brought home a project that she had created, plus I was afraid it wouldn't last, (and it didn't, the cat ate the eyes before the next day had arrived).