September 21, 2014

(Feeling) Utterly Upside-down - Sold

(Feeling) Utterly Upside-down, 8x8 oil

What's a 30 day challenge without a sock monkey?  Here is painting #21.

Next weekend will be a big weekend.  It's Culture Days in Burlington!  I will be painting en plein air at Spencer Smith Park all weekend.  I usually go out to paint on Monday afternoons with a group of artists.  It's with this group that I will be painting next weekend.  This group is based on our commitment to painting en plein air.  We have loosely named ourselves Monday Painters, for a lack of a better name, but in reality we should just be called Plein Air Painters.  There are no fees.  An email is sent out as to where and when we will be painting next and all those who can make it will reply to say when they will be there.  It's wonderful to be part of something like this.