September 15, 2014

O for Olives - Sold

O for Olives, 6x4 oil
It seems to me, you either hate olives or you love them.  I've never met anyone who is indifferent to them.  For the record, I love them!  In fact I ate the ones I painted as soon as the painting was finished.

Painting #15, half way through the challenge and still going strong!  I must be doing something right this time, like planning my time better or making sure to take breaks between paintings.  Perhaps I'm keeping my paintings simpler, or maybe I'm painting faster, (maybe all of the above).  By this time, in the other painting challenges I've done, I would be exhausted by now!

As I make my way through the alphabet... I'm wondering... what shall I paint for the last 4 paintings?  No time to think about that now, on to the next painting... 'p'.