September 09, 2014

The Ice Cream Incident

The Ice Cream Incident, 6x8 oil

Painting #9, 'The Ice Cream Incident', or should it be called 'The I Scream Incident'.   Has this ever happened to you?  The last time I dropped my ice cream cone was actually this summer.  My husband and I had decided to treat ourselves and went to the gelato shop, downtown Burlington.  We waited in a long line, but knew it was worth it; we would be rewarded in the end.  So with our treasures in hand we chose to go for a stroll along the lakeside promenade.  How romantic is that.  We carefully crossed the street.  Not even 10 steps into our walk and oops!  There went my ice cream!  It even managed to hit my clothes on the way down.  I felt like a three year old child, in fact I wished at that moment that I was 3, then I could have screamed and cried my eyes out!  My husband shared his cone with me, which in the end, was sweeter than having my own, and much more romantic.